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Long road ride August 15th or 16th?

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By jdb - Posted on 27 July 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


At the Scott I will be attempting at qualifying for the 24hr Solo World Champs next year.

As part of my training for this I'm looking at doing a long road ride. Around 150km, I'd say the breakdown would be about 120km with the group and for an extra 30km or so I'll ride to the meet point.

Open to suggestions, the ride Whisperer posted looks like a good option

Ride has to be either 15th or the 16th, it is the only weekend I can fit it in next month.


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Soft! Eye-wink

That sort of distance isn't going to cut it... why don't you ride down to Can'bra with Groover? Eye-wink

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I did see a post of Groover's from almost a year ago - Riff to the Gong return and thought it maybe an option

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