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By christine - Posted on 25 October 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hello, yet again I am working Saturday so miss out on the Cascades ride – is anyone interested in a Sunday ride at all? Maybe with a hill or two?
Any time is fine by me...

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I'd like to do something similar to last week to see if I have achieved some improvement fitness-wise. 8:30 am at Penense cafe at terrey Hills?

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Hey Christine

I'm riding Terrey Hills with a mate on Saturday but I may do it again on Sunday if I'm feeling up for it. Any suggestions on time and place?

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Thank you - I was dreading riding by myself...
Do you mean where to ride Saturday or Sunday Ben?

MEEE Smiling

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Hi Christine

Was just wondering about where and when on Sunday
So 8:30 at Terrey Hills shops is it?

Oh also everyone don't forget to put your clocks forward before you go to bed on Saturday otherwise we may miss each other by an hour Smiling

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yes, Terrey Hills shops - there is a coffee shop Celia likes just opposite the car park - i will be in the car park by the loos!!
Will (the ever elusive Will) says he is coming too...

MEEE Smiling

ps don't forget to bring food!

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Any ideas on the kms you will be doing ?

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If we do the normal Perimeter and then Long trail, it will be around 22km.
Did that today but may come along tomorrow again.

Christine, if I'm not there on time then please don't wait. I maybe out late tonight so am not 100% sure if I can make it.

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Hope you had a good night out!
Celia - our intrepid tour guide was unwell so we ended up doing the usual ride - along with Bruno the dog and the ever elusive Will...
It was a nice ride we ran into Celia along the perimeter on our way home - thank you Tien and Peter
Will is now in training!

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