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Wildflower Garden + Ryland

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By Jonathan - Posted on 18 November 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Sunday, 29 November, 2009 - 14:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Ryland & Muppets
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Wildflower Garden
Meeting Point: 

West end of Ryland, Mona Vale Road.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Hello i'm organizing a ride. Very flexible with the time and day and was also thinking about joining with the ryland track for a bit of a longer ride. See everyone there.

Who's in?
Rob, Hans, LadyToast, staffe, naz, Logan, Jonathan, beroccaboy, Trev, cambo (10 riders)
Rob Hans LadyToast staffe naz Logan Jonathan beroccaboy Trev cambo
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81 Kitchener street, there's street parking there.

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A better place to meet is here:,151....

The green arrow that is. Large parking area North side of Mona Vale Road (Eastbound).

Or the default spot for Wildflower which is the shoulder further East.

Pick a place quick sharp and update the meeting place in the main post!

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I like that idea and thats the ryland track yes?

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Yes - have fixed the meeting for you. Basically - select Ryland and it will automatically pick the default place for that, which is the West end. The also pick Wildflower (holding control) just to show you intend on going there - has no effect on the meeting place.

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...02:00 - I guess that means I should bring my lights, yes? Smiling

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Fixed it.

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I hope you don't mean 2 am? Starts 2pm and we shouldn't need lights we should be finished by 6 and it starts getting dark like 7 - 7:30.

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Rob's fixed it. I knew what you meant ... you can ignore me. Eye-wink

Once I know my schedule for next weekend I'll see what I can do about tagging along.

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Sounds good, hopefully the ride next week will still be happening after all trails being closed. I guess this now means i can ride the duckhole with you guys as well Laughing out loud And btw dose anyone no how long the wildflower track and ryland are in distance, just curious.


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keen to joint this ride, i haven't been there before so i'm clicking the star

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@naz - did you really click it? Eye-wink

Will try and see you there too.

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Gonna be my first ride out with nobmob so looking forward to it!

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Hello, everybody still up for tommorow?

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Yeah looks like the fire bans are in again this weekend...

This is annoying.

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well if thats the case well have to play it by ear tommorow. All i wanna do is ride!

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If the Rylands/ Wildflower Gardens ride is canned because of fire bans, and the weather is ok, is anyone interested in a red hill ride? I don't think Nat. Park bans apply up there. If no fire ban i'm still keen to ride as original post.

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It's only go to be 27 tomorrow which surprisingly is what it is right now Puzzled

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A cool change is due through later tonight and RFS site currently shows no ban tomorrow.

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I'am defiantly up for a ride tomorrow, i would absolutely love to do the original ride but if closed would be just as happy with red hill. As i said earlier well play it by ear and make a decision closer to the time.

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i'll check in again online at about 10am ish ... cheers Smiling

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TFB has been lifted for Sydney so see you this arvo! Smiling

Don't forget - meeting point is large dirt parking area on Mona Vale Road. 700m West of the Junction with Forest Way. Although that's on the Eastbound side so if coming from Forest Way have to travel about 1.1km and do a 'U' turn.

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Cool, looking forward to it, cant wait!

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I will be riding to the meet point through cascades from F.Forest and up Quarry Climb if anyone wants to tag along.

Still not sure whether to bring the SS or not though....

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Weve got another rider joining us i cant recall the name but yeah, just keep an eye out for another rider 11 in total see you all soon Smiling

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All i can say is that was an awesome!!!!! ride. Thanks everyone for coming hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did, thanks rob for the being our guide and very nice meeting everyone. Hope to see you guys in the next one.

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Nice relaxing afternoon... shame about the punctures but good times despite the heat and a bit of stupidity on my behalf Eye-wink

Never seen anyone ride that creek before - very entertaining Smiling

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Yeah good fun, quite warm. Thanks for the lend of the inner tube (sorry, forgotten your name). I'll be sure to pay you back next time. Cheers

Rob, 3 seconds off the hot lap? Bet your kicking yourself Laughing out loud

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It was four seconds actually! Sticking out tongue

I'll have to try properly next time I'm there on the Rush and it's not like an oven Eye-wink

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I couldnt get anywhere near that lol.

Was great to get out and meet you all and the riding was great, my prep of beer was clearly not very sensible and I suffered because of it.

Looking forward to the next ride out.

Thanks for guiding Rob, much appreciated.

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keep the inner tube it was in keeping with the camaraderie and heaps cheaper than a round of drinks hehehe ... i had a GREAT time ... thank you everyone with special thanks to jono for organising, rob for guiding and cambo for sweeping ... it's byron btw ...

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Thanks for organising the ride Jono and the guiding Rob. I ran out ouf time and had to take off.

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Nice hill training at 34° C ...could be useful for any upcoming trip to the Congo... Eye-wink

Thanks for organising Jono!

Wildflower gardens + Ryland at 34° C in the shade... ;-)

Some (most) of the crew from Sunday's ride...

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