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Bobbin Head or Akuna Bay - Saturday 23rd anyone interested?

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By akk - Posted on 11 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey nobmobers....

Would be really keen to have a cruisy ride around the upper north but am seeking some fellow cyclists...
Would anyone been interested in joining me next Sat and explore..(planning in advance..)

..... milleage before the Husky 100km in Feb. yikes..

Random thoughts and suggestions welcome ..


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Yeah... I'm confined to the road so will come with just about anyone to just about anywhere. Waaaaaaa Sad

Sat 23 will work. Post it up Smiling

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Rob, you are taking 'easy rider' to a whole new level! Eye-wink

Akuna Bay with West Head would be a better option as opposed to just Bobbo on it's own. Just 'clone' this ride ( if you want to post something up. Put me down as tentative...

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good stuff!

regarding the route......I have only done the Akuna Bay loop - not bobbin etc...... so I would be open to suggestions

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Here's the ride Junkie is talking about, from Saturday (45km/800m vertical):

And if you add Cottage point, it becomes (53km/920m vertical):

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No thanks Eye-wink Love to join you but I'll be in WA so enjoy the ride.

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Why not try both?? Eye-wink

Mind you, my mates and I got a lift back in the car from the beach!! Not that Mona Vale Rd is too difficult...


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living nowhere near there i have never done the west head/Akuna loop, i will try and make this ride.
Just dont know what the plans are for that weekend yet.


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Akuna bay and west head is great. i think you'll like it. i ride a roadie too now and thinks its fantastic. having said that Manly Dam today was awesome!

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Who loves that first big ride after all the festive drinking and eating? the easy hills are suddenly so so hard...

in other words - I'm not so fit at the I am definitely not cranking a fast pace on this ride (!)

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Try chasing lunatics all over Rotorua for 7 days in your holidays... Eye-wink

Yeah, but no drama, a cruise would be nice. You might like to change the post duration to 2.5-3 hours then. We'd have to crank a little to do it in 2.

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Tien I would but I am going to Ourimbah on Sunday and I have to devote one day to doing bl00dy house renovations Sad. Join us up there and I could even pick you up on the way though.

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