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Australia Day Ride?

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By Rob - Posted on 24 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hmmmm.... I was hoping to go to Awaba to ride on the dirt on Tuesday, but not sure am really feeling 100% yet so think that option might be out.

So... anyone up for a road ride on Tuesday morning? Early-ish I guess, but am flexible.

As the RTA site seems to indicate Galston Rd is open again, another crack at the Three Gorges might be in order. Could meet either in Hornsby or I'll probably be riding from home.

Or, if we start from Hornsby could even venture up to Mt White and back (this would have a bail out point before Bobbo which is handy).

Any takers?

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Yes would be keen.

I am in Willoughby so happy to ride up to St Leonards and go from there.

Also last time I checked it was Australia Day on Tuesday, but hey I was pretty drunk last night so I could of passed out and woken up 3 months later for Anzac Day...goes to check watch.

I do have a personal training session on Monday night which is normally fairly leg intensive. How far is the ride?

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Three Gorges from St Leonards is somewhere around 90km. The profile would be something like this:

The other option stating from Hornsby would be somewhere around 100-110km. Depending on the start and where the turn around point at Mt White was. You could shorten that quite a lot on the day if you felt like it by turning at Brooklyn or even Pie in the Sky.

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Not really done that serious distance before, but I am up for it.

I am in Nth Willoughby so I can start earlyish as well.

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Sticking out tongue

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How long in time are you thinking? I am meant to be working around the house and it will depend on how much I get done tomorrow.

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OK, OK... I mean this Tuesday, not in a few months Sticking out tongue

@Brian... somewhere around 4 hours probably. If people want to meet in Hornsby though, there will be options to head home sooner as mentioned.

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Start at Hornsby up tp Calga then do the Peats Ridge loop back to Calga could even do Berowra & Galston on the way home if everyone felt like it

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When you say, 'Peats Ridge Loop' do you mean Peats Ridge Road (almost to Central Mangrove) then Wisemans Ferry Road back to the highway? It's about 40km?

I make it 79km to the Peats Ridge interchange return from the pool. Plus the loop would be around 120km for the day.

Erm... I suppose we could meet at the pool (7:30?) and give it a go, turning early if the legs or weather doesn't feel quite right. Would probably be looking at a 5 hour ride though?

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If people meet in Hornsby, are you driving there to the meet?

I dont have a car atm so yeah...

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I'm up for Steve's suggestion, 120KM sounds good to me.

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@Logan: I can give you a lift up to Hornsby. Although... that will mean we'll have to do the whole lot, or bail together. Don't suppose it's a biggie. Are you up for Steve's silly 120km route?

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When you get to Calga you turn right still on Old P Hwy go toward Somisby(sp)then loop back to Peats Ridge I think it's around 130kms back to Horsby or 150kms if you return via Berowra & Galston to Hornsby

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OK... well, let's meet up 7:30 and see what transpires on the day:

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@Rob, sounds good, count me in, happy to pay tolls/petrol etc.

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