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Sat 30th ride????

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By akk - Posted on 26 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hi folks-

Anyone interested in a social ride this coming Saturday morning..... about 7.30am for 2-3 hours ?

Open to random thoughts/suggestions????

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And why not...? dealer's choice. That's you! Sticking out tongue

Will try and talk the GF into it, if the pace will be similar to last week? Sadly, with that time limit you're probably looking at the same sort of ride, or are there any other suggestions?

Update Idea: I hate to admit it, but Galston Gorge & Berowra were really very nice today. If you rode that from Hornsby, to Pie in the Sky and back it would be 56km. The difference from last week (West Head & Akuna Bay) is that there are two nasty climbs out of the Gorge and Berowra that are each about the same as the Akuna Bay climb. There is a section along the Old Pacific Highway too so that bit (in traffic) isn't as tranquil as West Head.

If too stuffed one could skip the Pie in the Sky add-on which would bring the distance down to a 40km loop.

I asked Pratiwi and she said she was game to try this loop and certainly would want to go to the pie shop Smiling

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this sounds good to moi.i like the idea of trying the 56km ???? keen to explore

Yup - same pace as last week. .....afraid you will have to wait at the top of the hills for me again (!)

OR you could use this opportunity for hill training, and ride back down and up whilst I still ride one hill ..

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Can't do this weekend Sad

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Put me down as tentative Smiling

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