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Macquarie and Jamberoo Pass

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By lorrie - Posted on 01 February 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Is anyone keen to drive down and do this on 13th or 14th Feb? I am very keen on the loop around Macquarie Pass and Jamberoo Pass with a few hill repeats inbetween. Would drive down at the crack of dawn to get started, about 5.30ish leaving Lane Cove

This will be the penultimate training ride before the 3Peaks so up and down is the call for this day's training

I'm looking for some specific hill training within a 130km ish ride, so it would be 4-5 repeats in one loop?


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You're not selling this Lorrie Eye-wink

You could ride a loop around Robertson, Fizroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley, Berry, etc for more entertainment but I appreciate that doesn't have the vertical you're looking for.

If you want to do hill repeats why drive all that way? Why not just do repeats of a hill near by? Drive out to Yellomundee and ride up and down from there to Springwood? Or go to Blackheath and ride up and down Megalong Road?

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But soooooo I am over entertainment, just need to punch it out.
Surely there is someone who wants to do those hills? After all hills are your friends!

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But not that keen on driving that far to get to them... Sad
Maybe... Sticking out tongue

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What Junkie said. Make it closer to home Lorrie, same vertical, less than half the driving time.

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