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Sat 13th - Scumming!

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By Logan - Posted on 10 February 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I know there is a 100km ride on this weekend as well, anyone up for a ride on Sat/Sunday?

Any suggestions?

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What sort of distance were you wanting to ride on the road? As for suggestions...

West Head + Akuna Bay from Terrey Hills, 46km:

Galston George + Berowra + Brooklyn from Hornsby, 62km:

Hornsby -> Galston Gorge -> Mt White return, 90km:

Then you just start getting silly by riding up to Peats Ridge and the like Eye-wink

I'll probably be up for a long ride, or a medium one each day. Last weekend before the snow, then will come a return to the dirt. Hurrah!

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Up for 90km or more, had fun on the last one we did on Australia Day.

Yeah need to get back on the dirt as well, although with the recent weather I have been confined to the road bike.

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Yeah... that was good, I'd do it again.

Sunday would be preferable.

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Sunday it is...

What time shall we meet and can I scam a lift. I will buy you a pie again!

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I take Sunday is a goer i.e. Hornsby -> Galston Gorge -> Berowra -> Calgra return & assume a ride will be posted? Eye-wink

Anyone up for something on Saturday? Short and fast, maybe AB/WH?

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Here's Sunday's ride:

I'd be game for WH + AB on Saturday, but not too early. How about 10-ish? Eye-wink

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How about 9am? I need to mow the lawn after, the dogs are getting lost in grass...

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I will be most likely doing West Head & Akuna Bay but I will being doing it from Bayview and probably starting around 8am.

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Could be game for Sat, my rest days have changed now so all good.

Dont want to kill myself on Sat before Sunday though.

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Dont want to kill myself on Sat before Sunday though

What are you saving yourself for?

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This is true, I will regret this lol.

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If you do 9am I could make the effort and ride to TH to meet you.

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Ride details here:

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You reckon I could get a lift both days?

Pay for petrol etc.

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Yeah, no worres. Payment in pies, eh? Smiling

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Looks like I'll just have to miss out on another weekend, going to be in the Hunter and tempted to take the roadie just to keep the legs ticking over. Have fun at the weekend with all the k's.

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