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Great North Road Saturday 21st April (start time and direction to be confirmed)

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By leximack - Posted on 08 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

i know this is a while away but thought i would get in early. The dirtworks 100 will be on a few weeks after this date so thought it may be a good time to check the area out. I have never been there before so would be good to have someone come along who has been before or someone with a decent map. I propose starting at wisemans then crossing the ferry, turn left and into the great northern rd this way, then do a loop which will maybe equal 60-70kms, i think there is a loop that goes near wrights creek ( i think i read somewhere) and comes back via st albans. I am guessing though so if anybody can help out with a proposed route that would be great. This will be a cruisy ride mainly to check the trails out and there condition, start maybe 8am, back to car by 4pm at latest. What do you think?

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Love it - I'm there... erm... on the 21st. 14th is a maybe only at this point but could know closer to the day.

There are many options for a route in this area, way should do a local ride before, or just ramble on, on the site to figure out a good course.

Hey - who was it who said they had the number of the farmer who's land that not-so-public track up there crosses? That would be a nice option to take. PM me if you have that pls.

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21st is better actually and is closer to the dirtworks also. I would like it if you were there Rob as i believe you did the course last yr so may have some insider knowledge.
Date changed!

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oops sorry, i can do 14th or 21st, so will go with the majority i guess.
You would think i was a girl with all the changes i make
Sorry - do not mean to offend any girls

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Would love to hit this area up again and get an idea of how it'll be for the DWorks.

I am able to do the 14th, will not be in a state to ride on the 21st.

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When you guys know exactly how many kays this is, please post again. 70km sounds a long way to ride to me. I was lucky to survive the 7hrs of riding the other day. Eye-wink

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Sounds like a great ride. I can make the 21st but not the 14th.

If it works out for the 21st Im there.

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from me. Can't do the 14th and no changes, even though I am a girl leximack Smiling
-or maybe that's why????-

Could you maybe change the state you will be in on the 21st davis_jnr?? By having more Pizza less beer possibly Smiling?

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Would love to be able to be there on the 21st....i'll have to see what's happening with the wedding on the 20th, will hope to know more about the logisitics soon

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Mate... put your foot down and make the bride wait a while. Don't let your marriage on the 20th bugger the weekend's rides Eye-wink

( very tongue in cheek )

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Will probably join you for that.

I Rode the GNR and spiders trails today, 50k's roughly all up and quite tough going.

The tracks are very good riding, mixing up some very fast firetrails with overgrown singletrack and a good spread of technical stuff and easy stuff, up and down. Not sure the singletrack would be on the Dirt-works agenda though.

70k will be pretty demanding and only the (at least moderately) fit should give it a go. You'll need lots of food the night and morning before (Dreggsy's creamed rice and bananas goes down a treat!) at least 5 litres of water and enough gu/bananas etc to keep you going all day (ie. lots).


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i would be happy with 50-70kms, not realy fussed, i know i can do the 100kms if i pace myself appropriately. This ride is just to check out a few km's which may be on the dirtworks, ie to be able to choose the right tyres, tyre pressures, shock pressures etc. Hopefully by this date someone has a map of the proposed route, this may be a bit optimistic but you never know.

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looks like the 21st is winning so far

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Checking the dirtworks area is a goooood idea. I'm in. No idea what date is best for me, but I'll try and make it for both if need be.
Can I hitch a ride with anybody? (don't have my bike rack no more) :\

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where do you live, i can pick you up if you live around where i am, (quakers Hill, near Parklea markets

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Im a concrete jungle boy at the moment - but I can meet you at any train station!

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i can pick you up from blacktown station (closest major station), but you would have to leave home super early, maybe 5-5.30am to get to blacktown by 6.30am, then 1hr and a bit drive to wisemans. Let see who else is coming and is in a better position to take you. Plenty of time to go,i can be your backup plan

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check out this site
it has some proposed routes with a bit of info, something to think about

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ok, 21st it is.
Now just have to work out start time (i am thinking 8am) and also which way we will go.
More to come later


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There are some detailed maps of the DW course and sat nav coordinates at this address:

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Sounds like a great plan...know your battle ground!
This will be a solid day riding but you won't hear any complaining from me!
See you guys out there!

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hi shano, we have been talking about this ride more recently here -
check it out for more detail

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So I leave it to you guys to do the hard work...enjoy!

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