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Red Hill - Saturday afternoon - 4:00 p.m.

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 09 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

I am planning a ride around Red Hill (the main loop) on Saturday afternoon. Can't go in the morning as I have some bike maintenance to perform. A new rear tyre! Weather is not supposed to be too hot.

If anyone is interested, please post your involvement. Meet at the dirt clearing at the gate on Lady Penrhyn Drive.


0438 885 410

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I'm in!
need to go flat hunting in the morning.


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Hi liam,
I'm new to the area. Hope you don't mind me tagging along. I am an experianced rider.

what is your starting point???



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4 is a tad late but will give it a go...I'll have about 2 hours.


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We will meet at Lady Penrhyn Drive. There is a gate and dirt clearing about 3 bends up the road (500m along?) where I will be parked in a blue Mazda2. This gate is right next to the driveway that leads to a lookout. See you all there.

Sorry for the late ride, of sorts Smiling, but once I could not make a morning ride, a late one in the afternoon is the next best alternative. Middle of the day is a killer.

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Fantastic ride all, well done! And thanks for coming along - I emjoyed it. Red Hill is the best fun of all, bar none.

Some notable late drop ins were Gazza who caught up to the group about 10 minutes in. Until he got the mobi call from a lady friend and ran off to a better offer. Snake in the grass, that one. Good luck to you champ. And Paul eventually caught up too - good to see you champ. You "played through", just like golf. No calls of "four" this time though.

Hope to see you guys out there again soon. Once you are conquering most of this place, you are getting pretty proficient at the technical stuff. Love it!!

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Yeah, some of you have days where you say ‘damn, why did I get up today?’
I should have just crawled back into bed after waking up, it was one of those days. Starting mellow, ending pretty frustrating:

1) Girlfriend is trying to give me her cold. Not her fault, but my immune system is struggling to keep me healthy. At least I know it’s trying and I feel kinda good

2) Went to look at flats. First flat - and no agent turns up. Someone calls the agent, they say they have misprinted the number: it should be flat number two, not one. They so that no agent is coming over. We should knock and the tenants will show us round (cheeky swines!). Noone in the flat.
Next flat wasn’t interesting (too shabby).
Wanted to look at a third flat, but I didn’t have the details on me, and I was running a tad late, and my girlfiend, who had the details, was already gone. Bugger.

3) Riding like an absolute newbie at Red Hill. Still had fun with the guys from NobMob - fun, until my derrallieur hanger snapped.
One of the guys draws me a map. I get lost. Noone around. I don’t panic, but hope for the best and try to think of the best way to attract a rescue helicopters view when they come searching for me.
Luckily, once of the blokes finds me, and I can push my bike back to the carpark *PHEW*

4) On the way home the cops pull me over. My bike racks number plate doesn’t suit them (we had just taped over the old rego number and written the current number over it). OK, I was in the wrong, but still a little more than ANNOYING. And worse than the annoying bit is the 308 $ fine and 3 demerit points.

Apart from that I had a great day.

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WTF? That's terrible mate. Sorry to hear it. I hope we all work things out better next time. But a stuffed hanger is a stuffed hanger. But look at it this way, your luck has to improve, that's for sure!!

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on the Spit.

Sorry for your bad luck, mate!

But having said that you have probably run out if it for a while.
So better things must lay ahead!!!

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Sorry about the similar message on the police/flo incident, I didn't read your reply until I posted mine....

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Just had to vent my anger - writing stuff down helps.
Thanks for your support and help guys - things could have been worse.
I'm off to bed now, hoping for a brighter tomorrow Smiling

At least I'm smiling again ^^


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Good to hear you're smiling again Flo!

And glad helicopters were not needed... hehe Eye-wink

Without sounding arrogant, may I suggest to everybody: Always carry a mobile phone with you when riding, even in a group. And be sure to share some numbers. Also, since I have had derailleur hanger trouble myself in the past, now days I try to ride with a spare hanger. Which has proved itself very useful.

Anyway, it was nice to meet up with you all! I look forward to doing so again!

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