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Quarry Road Fire Trail 20th March

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 19 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Time: 5:30pm for 5:45pm ride

Place: Stewart ave Hornsby Heights

Bring plenty of water...spare tubes, pump etc.

More info on ride at this location

Please post if your planning on riding.

We will probably not be riding if it is raining at ride time.

Contact me on my mobile if need be for details on weather in the arvo.



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Sam... I'm liking the sound of this. Given the start time, do you anticipate being back early enough not to need lights?

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Probably a good idea to bring lights Rob. Better safe than sorry.

See ya there

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Shane and I were doing this out and back in about 1hr 30mins (I think).

If we only do the Quarry Rd Trail and no add-ons and if the day is clear i'd say no need for lights

If the conditions are overcast light may be an option for the last 20mins or so....i'll be taking mine as i am planning on riding to work tomorrow....yes the punishment begins tomorrow!

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I'm eager to do this ride, but tentative at the moment - expecting a big spike of work any day now once we get a shipment in (urgh).

Also not liking the idea of hitting the Pacific Highway at 5pm! Probably faster to ride there...

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Am hoping I can make it. If so I will be starting at the Dural side & meet you somewhere in the middle.

Just gotta get the bike back together tonight after the 8hr mud fest yesterday, will confirm tomorrow.

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Good news, the bike is all back together. The bad news its just started pouring rain here at Dural Sad so I think im going to bail out of this one.


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Ok so thats it ride is off.....Evan called me electrical storm in seven hills and thunder here in Hornsby....damn that weather! Maybe next time

Sorry guys.

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