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Weekend 24th -25th

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By Gilbo - Posted on 22 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

Looking at doing a ride this weekend and am thinking of heading somewhere new, would like to hit up Yellowmundee or maybe Redhill, have heard lots of good things about both and havent done either of these before. I know there is a ride posted for Cascades on Sat, but its a bit too early for me!

Start time would be around 9-10ish.


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Sounds like both would be up my alley. Not sure if I can go yet. But consider this some interest in your suggestion. Supposed to rain on Saturday.

Interested in doing one of these rides each day?

My suggestion is to start at Red Hill on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. as I still need to do my bike maintenance from last Sunday morning. Eye-wink If you do decide to go on this ride, re-post this Topic with a new title etc.

If you have not done Red Hill before, you are missing out on Northern Beaches riding perfection. Well, close to it. It is my favourite ride.

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Hi Both,

I'd be up for a Yellowmundee ride on Sunday. I'll meet you there if you want to start later. I'll do a lap before that.


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Prefer mid-morning on Sat.

I am fine with a morning or arvo on the Sunday.

Over to you Lee.

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Could be tempted to ride Yellowmundee on Sunday, havent riden there before, always up for a new track.

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unfortunately sunday for me is know a no-go, gotta fly to the goldcoast for work at about 1pm.

so Sat is the day - lets hit Redhill. I also need to give the bike a rinse after last weekend. 10am is good.

Cos going to miss Sunday, might squeeze in a arvo lap or two at manly on Sat.

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No worries.
I will give Red Hill a miss this time.
Doing this instead


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as per info on the rides page. meeting point is lady penrhyn dr beacon hill
ill be there at 10am,


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see you there

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For the moment, I am out for Sunday as well. I have some work I need to complete (ack! weekend work sux), so I can't travel far from home (i.e. Yellowmundee). Unless this requirement changes, which I would post. Anyway, sorry chaps!

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