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Beginners' Ride on Sunday 25 March

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By Jax - Posted on 23 March 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone up for a beginners' ride Sunday anytime? I attempted the Mooney Mooney Creek trial last weekend much to the annoyance of the people who had to wait up for me! Eye-wink Toning it down a bit this weekend. I'm open to suggestions/advice. I'm looking for a trail that's not that hard technically, but happy to go for a long one and/or do climbs.


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Name a location! I'm a bit of a noob on technical stuff too, so I'm happy to take an easy pace.

Any tour guides out there want to donate some time? Smiling

Sat 24th or Sun 25th?

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Who's up for the Berowra Track?

Looks conquerable! (may stand corrected...)

Sunday 25 Apr 9:30 a.m., meet at Stewart Ave?

My number's 0401 018 468 if you're running late/lost.

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Weather's a bit miserable. Looks a bit tentative...

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A few showers. Moderate southerly winds fresh and gusty at times near the coast.
Precis: A few showers.

Meant to get new tyres for my bike because it gets slippery in the wet...oh well :/

Unless it's absolutely bucketing down, I'm still heading out for a ride.

Don't forget that daylight saving ends!

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Expecting rain on Sunday so ..I will say I am going to try to do "the Gorge" Berowra trail during the week ...possibly wednesday..suit someone who lives nearby to Hornsby too...
Pace is going to be excruciatingly slow..I am in recovery mode so..anyone can come along..if you got lights thats good too..really would be best if we can get on the track by 4pm.
Have ridden this trail many times and know it very well and some extras to throw in
will be a good ride if anyone can make it.


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Well, we had a nice ride - I just looked at the map and we seem to have taken a significantly different path for much of it - possibly Great North Road (which I hope is legal). I'll post a GPS log soon and figure out what happened...

Hope your leg is OK, Jacqui!

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Nice one. Looks like we ended up going a lot further than the suggested trail by going on that keyhole shaped trail in the north. We were right the first time round, but were thrown off because the trail is a lot shorter than 20ks. The leg's fine...I think it's funny more than anything else! =D

Some photos of the trail:

Again, should have taken photos of the epic climbs.

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Oh yeah, we didn't go on the Great North Walk...I know that because I overlaid the map from this site with the one from your link. It was exactly the same but for the keyhole bit in the north. Provided that it's legal, I would actually recommend going on this bit as part of the trail!

Thanks for coming along and being so gracious about waiting up for me!

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