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Creating Trail Status Updates

Trail status updates are pretty self explanatory, but just for the record...

The status (Red/Amber/Green) should be used to signify bad/dubious/good trail conditions:

  • Red: The area is officially closed (where an 'official' management system is in place) or is so damaged as to be mostly unridable. Or in such bad condition that any riders passing over the trail will create damage requiring many hours of work to fix.

    Instances where red should be used include when councils or other authorities distribute news of complete closure of areas, or perhaps where heavy and prolonged rain has effectively turned many of the trails in an area into rivers, or close to.

  • Amber: Using an amber status signifies the trail is not officially closed, and not a complete 'no go' zone but the author recommends staying away for some reason. Or looking another way - there is something amiss at the trail where caution is advised.

    Instances where amber should be used include times when certain trail features are in need of work and one would have to bypass the usual route. After bad weather, perhaps there is still frequent standing water on the trail.

  • Green: There could still be some small issues in the area, but on the whole it is in good riding condition and there is nothing here that should spoil a rider's enjoyment of the trails.

Although it's not essential that you add something in the 'Notes' field it would be much appreciated to just enter a few words to backup the choice of 'light' described above. Examples might be (taken from Manly Dam Status History):

Very muddy and sodden at Cootamundra Reserve, sections of Southern Cross Drive, Manly Vale Public School, in fact most areas of low-lying and flat singletrack. Becoming badly cut up and damaged in all these areas as riders fail to exercise commonsense and restraint by riding elsewhere after rain.

If you need a riding fix try Terry Hills.

Even with the nice weather this week there's still a surprising amount of standing water around. Especially on the firetrail by the school. The sections after the playground are also rather damp. In fact... yes... there's a lot of damp patches.

Am giving this 'Amber' though as it's not as bad as it has been.

Nice and dry - quite busy with the great weather today.

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