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Looking for girl intermediate buddy riders?

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By Bikebud - Posted on 19 May 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking for girl buddy riders?

Hey, is anyone keen to catch up and keen to Mountain bike during the weekends? We can meet at Kalamunda/Jarradale or car share. Let me know cheers.

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Hiya Bikebud,

I'm trying to organise a weekly/fortnightly ride around the heritage trail for starters, then working our way to the eagle trail, and mundaring loop. see if i can get a regular group going.. your more than welcome to show up,
See you at the train station or pechey/morrison rd carpark, its in the ride calendar.

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Sounds good, to confirm we are meeting at the Perth train station - going where? Not sure where this Heritage place is?!?!? What time is our ETA in Perth? Cheers Laughing out loud

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Check "Organise Ride 2" and the ride Calendar for directions

Meeting point is CBD Railway Station, 9 am,
9:15 train leaving for midland, if we don't miss it...
Then a nice warm up ride up morrison Rd. To start at pechey rd carpark,
There may be a pitstop at a bikeshop, if anyone is running short of supplies etc
There is no finishing ETA as this is about the ride, not the time it takes.

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cheers for info:D

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Any more Questions feel free to call

0416 165 996

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I'm interested in getting to know some girls who ride. You can email me at


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Whos coming tomoro?
Call to confirm your attendance..93450999 or txt, 0416 165 996
If you don't show.i may be cold wet and wanting a coffee...and missing my cartoons.

Anji come along if u want. call me too

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Hey Bikebud,

I'm keen as mustard to go out riding. I have most weekends free and usually finish early at work around 2ish if you wanted to head out on a weekday.
email is or call/txt 0401 664405


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Does your girlfriend know that you're crashing a girl's ride? Eye-wink

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Leviman, does your wife know, your being rude?
Open invite to anyone,who want to join my ride..

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Us girls have organised a ride at Camel Farm this Monday morning, Any other girls keen feel free to come along!

No boys they have cooties....just kidding!!! Jack- I'll be at your ride next weekend.

(I have no idea where camel farm is, but I'm sure I'll find out..)

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