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Girls Ride- Sat 21st June Mundaring Weir Loop

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By pmbc.greeny - Posted on 16 June 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Easy 16km loop ideal for beginners- this rain should have sorted out the sandy sections
Meet at CALM Hills Forest Discovery Centre, Allen Rd, Mundaring Weir
please post if you are coming

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What time are you meeting?

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Hi Rachel,

I'll meet you there!

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sounds great but will have to ride the 'amman jebels' instead. hope ur all well. c u in August.

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I will come too!- to all the rides you run.

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Hate to spoil your buzz TimTam but god ol' spam has reguritated another "old" post.(and now so have I......)

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