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By biologist - Posted on 10 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Greetings, can anyone point me to a local supplier of small MTB shoes, size 35 to be specific. Having real difficulty finding anyone who stocks shoes smaller than 36. Might have to resort to buying some shoes when heading to Scotland later next month but would rather source them locally if possible.


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HAHA..small mtb/road shoe stockists in perth..UGH..I wear a size 38 & had a very hard time!

Typical perth...No small bikes, small shoes etc to try out before we buy...grrrr...

Try the online shop @ The US-Aust exchange rate is crap but the shipping time & cust service is great!!!

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thanks for the @ link, I checked and they don't stock anything under size 36. Sad
I found at least one store in Perth with a reasonable selection of size 36,37 & 38's in stock, but they had NEVER sold a size 35.
Its not looking good.

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I remember someone over on the TE forum asking about smaller sized cycling shoes but i can't find the post.. There are some ladies in the UK that post there & if you're headed that way perhaps they might be able to give you a good shop to see in the uk?

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