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Red Hill ride start

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By p2tx8 - Posted on 19 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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looksks like a few padded up riders showed up , is it that extreme up there ?

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For me it was peace of mind. I generally don't ride technical trails and didn't want to have a stupid stack putting me out of action.

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... yes it can be. Haven't ridden there myself, but have walked it with Simon and much of the milder parts of it would be close to the limit of my technical ability. It's more challenging than Manly Dam and I'd have been padding up too, on the Saturday. Brian made a smart choice.

Sunday was much too hot Sticking out tongue

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I think you are a nutter if you ride around Red Hill without some protection. If you have it, you may as well wear it. Rocks are hard, don't you know? Smiling

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Lets take a bike next time! To bad we had no time for riding the other day.

Perhaps we should post a ride once the wedding season is over? Happy to show some other people around the place as well. This place has some of the best potential for official trails in the Northern Beaches.

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I have heard stories about the Hill but it wouldn't be much fun on a 29er with only 80 mm travel & I have protection from when I first started out riding over 2yrs ago but hardly worn .

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Smiley - you'll be alright - I've seen guys on rigid SS 29ers up on the hill. There is something for everyone. Some nice single trail, plenty of kinda techy double track and then there is the techy rock stuff that makes you bleed. That 29er of yours would smooth out the trail so it feels like blacktop.

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that is why you see me only at races being a sweep or marshall because I like too cruise & take my time & bomb down the best bits & take it real easy on the other techy stuff , might get up there one day if somebody post a ride in a few months as i'm taking it easy with bubs on its way very soon ..

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