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The Trails/Ride Area Database

The trails (or ride area) database is a powerful, but also complex part of the Global Riders system.

The following content types are used to build this:

  • Ride Database Entry - for a general description of an area to ride in (eg: Terrey Hills. Given this is about the 'area' and not a particular route through it keep things general. Of course that's not saying you shouldn't mention any outstanding options here, but describing a specific route is what 'Ride Profile/Route' is for.
  • Track - for mapping a specific piece of trail within an area in our ride database. Nothing more than marking a trail on a map. These are automagically included in our KMZ file and listed on the 'Tracks' tab of ride areas.
  • Ride Profile/Route - for describing a specific route, that may be through one of the areas in our ride database (eg: within Terrey Hills, Perimeter + Long Trails). These are suggested iteneraries when visiting the area in question.
  • Point of Interest - when a point of interest is created it appears on our maps as a little icon. These are very useful for marking features like parking areas, water, information boards, etc. Be sure to pinpoint the item on the small map beneath the summary when creating this content type.
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