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Why build our own trails database?

In the past few years there has been a growth in the number of mapping related websites, some of which could be used to build a database of trails in various areas that are suitable for cycling.

It is preferable to use the system on this site though, for the following reasons:

  1. Relevant - People visit this site for, and expect to find cycling related information. Providing that is a key part of building up the community.
  2. Mapping - currently online viewable maps are generated from the information on this site. There is also a prototype printable version in the wings.
  3. Google Earth Feed - For those that want to view information in a more interactive manner, the same data is used to create Google Earth feeds automatically.
  4. Informative - The database links together in many ways to help inform users of the site. Eg:
    • When planning a meeting, if the trail area is provided then it is linked in, and direction links are automatically presented for users new to the area.
    • When adding individual track information, this is used to construct the 'At a Glance' overview of locations automatically. No need to guess how many kilometres of trails there are - it's done for you.
  5. Controlled - Site moderators will be able to remove any old, illegal or otherwise unacceptable trails from this site. Such moderation is either impossible, or incredibly hard to come by on external sites.
  6. Statistics - As mentioned above, the individual track information builds into an overview for each area. This also builds into statistics across all areas that can be very useful in advocacy situations.
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