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STOLEN - Scott Spark 20, 2009.... mother f********s. reward on offer

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By philarnott - Posted on 03 January 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just came home from work to find my car had been broken into overnight and my beloved wheels have been stolen, it's a fairly high end bike so hoping it will get tracked down.

Here's some details....
- Scott Spark 20, 2009 - see photo.
- Had a distinctive seat (white & black racing ralph road bike seat) and i'd be able to pick it out from the scratches anyway.
- The back rim had no tube on it when it was taken, I left it in boot of my wagon reversed in under my car port in Subiaco. My other bike (a pretty hacked up road bike) was right behind my car, only chained to a gas bottle and that wasn't touched.

If you see anyone riding it tackle them, kick them in the jimmy's & then call me (0417123268), or the local police I guess.

Will probably put a reward up, say $300 for starters if you can help me get it back.

fingers crossed hey, just gotten back into riding & loving the new kalamunda loop so mega pis$ed!!!

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Anyone seen anyone a scott spark 20 that doesn't look like it's theres? Call me, 0417 123 268.

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Hey, just spotted this in the online news:

Maybe you can give the cops a call and give them a description of your bike, and they might have some info.

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Yeah man, mine was one of them!! Got the call this morning and super super stoked, had to go give statements & info and won't get the bike back til next week but will be getting it back! Woohoo!

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Was just going to send you the same message as Rogue after seeing it in the news today, awesome to get your steed back Smiling.

See you on the trails.

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