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South Shore

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South Shore Gallery

South Shore is a freeride area that has been designed for EXPERT RIDERS ONLY! 90% of the trail features have no bypass options and a high consequence factor if you get it wrong, it has been designed for all mountain/light freeride bikes with at least 5 inches (125mm) or more suspension travel.

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Getting there

The easiest way to get there is to head to Waroona(from Perth)and turn left onto Nanga Brook Road and follow all the way to the end. Turn Left at the T intersection and about 100 meters down this road turn right into Dawn Creek Road (Gravel Road)and follow this track all the way to the end and then turn left, drive down this track and take the next track to the right (South Junction Form), the trail head is just there to your right.

Full Description: 

There are three main areas to South Shore:

The Log Park
The log park is a skills warm up area consisting of various log rides, platforms and various other natural features.

The Western End
The western end consists of two lines, Triple Treat (single black diamond) and the Saw Pit (double black diamond). Both lines contain gap jumps with no by pass options and a return trail to get you back up to the top.

Snakes and Ladders
Snakes and Ladders is a 3-4 minute descent and is a combination of the Log Park and the Western End put together. You will encounter berms, drop offs, log rides, platforms, sea saws, various sizes of gap jumps and smooth cranking dirt single track.

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