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Amazing colours!

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By nickz - Posted on 14 December 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Green with yellow dots. It couldn't give a stuff that I was waiting for it to cross the track so I could ride on, took it's sweet time!

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Sydney has very yellow diamond pythons, as you travel north the colours pale, lighter green and the yellow changes to cream. They grow to about 10 feet (Thats 3 metres).

"Believe it or not, non-cyclists sometimes think they have something interesting to say!"

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Did a lap at Manly about 2 weeks ago and was stopped by 4 feet of shiny black snake up the top near the Parkway. Seems there's plenty of snakey action up there.

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Saw a Tiger Snake there a couple of weeks back, popped it's head out as I came over the rocks, but it retracted quickly, and stayed under the rock ledge as I went past (on foot, not because of the snake, but ran out of steam!)..

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