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Lost DT Swiss 12 x 142 mm axle handle on Possum or Manly Dam

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By simoen - Posted on 30 November 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

Was riding through the Possum and Manly Dam on Saturday afternoon and when I got home the rear axle hub handle was missing. It is a DT Swiss 12 x 142. PM me if you happen to come across it

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Lucky you made it home!

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The axle didn't come loose just the handle, not happy all the same as it was tight before I left

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Not a fan of those things, they sit out much too far and are prone to snag. I much prefer the flush-with-frame Syntace X-12 version that requires an Allen key.

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Hmm interesting as I'll need to get new Axle I'll have a look at those - thx mate

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they (DT) are way to easy to bump on a rock and ruin them, I have one with the handle that's stuck in position, works fine but I cannot re position the handle once the axle is done up.

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I've run these for 5 years without a single issue... and my XC bike gets a bumpy ride when I actually get time to ride it... I think they rock and wouldn't use anything else

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I do like the actual axle part.

I must have been unlucky? but then again I'm pretty crap on an MTB these days and just bump my way through rocks, I managed to wreck the thing on its very first ride up Red Hill.

One thing that bugs me though, for such an expensive axle (they cost around $50 to replace.. so don't leave it on the side of the road when loading your bike in the car..) is that the handle can fall off or stuff up when hit on the end in the first place? I have QR skewers that look like they have been attacked with a hammer and a grinder and they still function fine?

I do like the idea of doing away with the handle and using a tool (allen key) fastening mechanism and I have found a replacement that does just that.. but they are pretty expensive relative to what an old school QR would cost.

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The o-ring doesn't last long but it is fine without it.

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