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fox 40s adjustable low and high speed compression?

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By demonic glory - Posted on 22 January 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

What are these like? Im buying a set to put on the 2015 0 glory .

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Always been a fan of the Boxxer, however since the Fox 36 i have a renewed interest in the Fox.
I was recently at a friends they had a handyman there doing some work on the new fence, he has the new 2016 float 40.
He said, Appearance wise its much the same. But changes in the design put the fork weights a few grams under the weight of any of the competition even my air sprung boxxer, world cup!
There is a superior stiffness which is achieved using pinch bolts to secure both sides of the 20mm thru axle.
The hight volume air spring allows the fork to be run at low pressures which will increase the longevity of the seals.
He said that he has had them for 8 months and has had half a dozen competitive races, they are long over due a service but saying that there has been no major changes other than a noticeable degree in small bump compliance in the last month. However with no other issues it really does seem that you are choosing the best of the best.
I cant remember the name of this guy. He had a website on his uniform great guy and most definitely knew what he was chatting about.

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