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HUGE NEWS. Perth & Peel Master Plan out for consultation.

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By Scratchy - Posted on 13 December 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The scope of this is huge and the impact if it is supported by the community will be amazing. Take 5 minutes to look at the sheer scope. Rotnest Island, Kings Park, Joondalup it is all in there. Well done to all involved. I've only skimmed at it while sipping my coffee but it warrants a good read.

The press announcment:
"WestCycle are delighted to announce that the Perth and Peel Mountain Bike Master Plan is now open for public comment through to 24th January 2017. The plan is an aspirational plan that will set a sustainable framework for the future development of mountain biking in the region. It identifies the potential for approximately 570km of purpose-built mountain bike trails across the Perth metropolitan and Peel regions. This builds on the 125km's of trail across 9 sites in the region at present.
The PPMP will guide strategic investment, providing an opportunity for diverse and sustainable experiences that will foster community participation, strengthen stakeholder partnerships and provide tourism opportunities.
You can view the consultation draft of the PPMP here:
You can comment on the consultation draft here:

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As long as the execution is done as well as the ideas. They have started building the Yaberoo Budjara trail as a limestone MTB trail but a couple of months in and the brand new work has already degraded into sandy potholes. They are going to need big budgets to build anything that will last over sand, which apart from the hills is pretty much everything in the master plan.

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