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Beauie Worlds 21 May - Race Report and Results

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By Arch - Posted on 21 May 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Finally the weather gods were kind and Beauie kicked off under sunny autumn skies. The birds were chirping, the leaves turning.....but I digress.

Big fields across all grades made for some hot racing. And great to see so many juniors punching it out in D grade.

In A grade we had a red hot field with many NRS guns out and the race didn't disappoint. From the gun Stu Grieve (aka the professor) hit it hard and was away for over a lap. He was pulled back but immediately hit it again and this time had Mick Cupitt and Matt Osborne for company for the next few laps. These three swapped off for a few but then Matt dropped back to the bunch and it was left to Stu and Mick to chop off for the remaining 45 mins to stay away from the chasing bunch. And stay away they did - although Marcus Culey kept driving it in the bunch, but everyone just sat on his wheel and attempt after attempt fizzled out.

In the end Stu and Mick swapped off for almost the entire race - one of the longest breakaways in Beauie history - and actually put time into the bunch at the finish. The two compadres had to duke it out at the finish - hard to do when they had worked so well together all race - but in the sprint Mick just got the win by a bee's whatever, in a massively close finish. In the chasing bunch Matt Osborne was rewarded for his earlier gutsy effort by winning the sprint for 3rd just ahead of Tom Lynch from St George. Good to see some of our older riders like Matt Garnon mix it up in the bunch alongside Gland Virdi.

In B grade the CCCC boys were there in numbers to put some hurt into the other riders, but the expected breakaway from Andy Hellmich didn't eventuate and the bunch pretty much stayed together the entire race. Gary Davidson, Matty Johnston and Paul Mower from NSCC were looking pretty twitchy but no-one wanted to go for it as every semi-move got shut down. In the end all the riders were fooled by Alexis Hoax Kaless from MWCC who was sitting at the back pretending to be shelled, then pulled a massive bunch kick out of his rear end, and got up in the sprint for the win. The CCCC boys were well represented with 2nd with David Emery and Troy Thomas 3rd - these boys were really cranking it in the sprint finish.

Alexis - the ASADA testers will be paying you a visit later today.

In C grade there were also plenty of breaks but again the bunch stayed pretty much together. It was great to see El Pres George Mouyahet rolling around in C grade - especially after he was at Beauie at dawn setting up as usual. In the finish it was Campbell Norwood from MWCC who showed some smart sprint technique to get up for the win. Jeff Tippett from NSCC was 2nd and Mark Steele from CCCC 3rd.

D grade was well contested with juniors plus Courtney Bickell from the women's ranks. In the end Ethan Page rode away from Courtney for the win, with Finn Kane 3rd. Great effort by all juniors including Harrison Tong in a gutsy effort.

Final podium places:

A Grade
1st Mick Cupitt NSCC
2nd Stuart Grieve NSCC
3rd Matt Osborne NSCC

B Grade
1st Alexis Kaless MWCC (we will never hear the end of this)
2nd David Emery CCCC
3rd Troy Thomas CCCC

C Grade
1st Campbell Norwood MWCC
2nd Jeff Tippett NSCC
3rd Mark Steele CCCC

D Grade
1st Ethan Page NSCC
2nd Courtney Bicknell NSCC
3rd Finn Kane NSCC

A special thanks to Commissaire Mark Craig and traffic controllers - Cam Osborne, Tai Huynh, Neil Whiting and Marion - these races can't function without you volunteers.

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