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What happens when a rural town becomes the MTB capital of Australia?

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Saw that yesterday... Take note NSW. Build it and I will come! And I'll bring my mates for a long weekend of riding.

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Cycling’s untapped opportunities

So is SA and QLD as we all know well.

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After spending a couple of nights there a few weeks ago, I can say that the Blue Derby trails are phenomenal.
I did the Blue Tier + Atlas on one day and it's probably the best bit of riding I've done in Australia. Buller is a close 2nd, but there's so much more variety in Derby.
I saw a new accommodation block being build up, and most airbnb houses there are owned mtb riders.

Good to see that there are more trails coming and that they are going to have more activities for non riding family members in the future

When is NSW going to jump on the MTB bandwagon ??

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I put in a proposal to Lithgow council 13 years ago. Got met with a stone wall and didn’t have the time or energy to swing the sledgy

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I'm going in March Smiling

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The NSW government and Tourism NSW should take a cue with what has been achieved in these regional towns/areas in Victoria (see featured excellent FlowMTB video - link below).

The state govt keeps banging on about assisting with regional development. So are they doing anything like assisting the development of this type of tourism activity - Nope. Nada. Nowt. A missed opportunity.

Enjoy this excellent produced 30 min MTB video by those lovely chaps at Flow MTB.

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