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Sat 8 July - Terrey Hills

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By Rob - Posted on 06 July 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


I think Christine mentioned she might be doing TH/OF this weekend. Well, I'm throwing up the former as a preference.

Saturday 8 July, 9am. Meet at Terrey Hills Shops on Booralie Road.

This will be a slow-ish ride, along Perimeter/Long Trails (24Km firetrail) so don't be shy if you haven't been out there before. Read about Terrey Hills here.

We won't be there if it's raining on the day, but most of this drains well so don't worry about rain beforehand.

See you there Smiling

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I actually am going to Red Hill - a friend of mine (some of you use him as a physio..Craig) has orginsed a ride at 2pm...otherwise Terrey Hills nice and slow would have been just perfect...also following Stuarts report I am pleased that I am not going to Manly Dam - all that mud would have been just too tempting to fall into I am sure!


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Thx... OK then - we will still be there (9am Terrey Hills) if anyone wants to join, or if your afternoon thing is cancelled.

You could always do both for 2x the fun Eye-wink

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I wouldn't be able to WALK after those two - jelly legs for me!


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Rob, seems there is another Terrey Hills ride up for Saturday with keen to do either but thought that we might all ride together...either place? Will ping Jeff as well.

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Nah - the other ride is a combination of tracks up at West Head, see here:

If it were a matter of timing we might be there, but not sure Pratiwi is game for those hills or rocks as yet so will stick with the original Terrey Hills plan.

I don't think you'll get the other one to change 'cos that's been posted on the mailing list.

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Oops... appologise for being late, but it was all good in the end, eh? Eye-wink

Anyhow, here's the profile from today:

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well, I spent a lot of the ride I did at Red Hill yesterday wishing I had opted for the Terrey Hills one! They were all so good and so fast...they went down the widow maker and I didn't see them again until they waited up the other side!!!!
It was great fun but I wanted to thank again Jeff, Greg and Bernd because yesterday I realised just how nice and kind they were on our training day - I also had their hints running through my head about weight etc. and didn't fall off going down anything and managed to ride up what seemed at the time quite large rocks!
So, thank you again guys, I would have simply died without that training day - we did different tracks yesterday lots of which was single (thankfully!) and bloody rocky!!


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