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Content Author's Reference

This section of the handbook is for to those of you who want to get more involved in the site and add various content above just chatting in the forums and creating ride meetings. Even for those folk, here's a recap of the basic content types we have here and what they should be used for:

  • Blog - Every user on this site has their own personal blog (short for web log - an online diary if you will). Create a blog entry to write a little something about adventures or experiences you have.
    Blogs are not for asking questions or trying to instigate a discussion - use the forum for that. Other users can comment on them thought, to congratulate the author on the accomplishment or experience they are no doubt blogging about.
    Probably the most useful feature of the blogs here is that they can be linked to ride meetings, and if that ride meeting happens to have been a race, enter results. Blogs from different users about the same meeting build into a results table on the meeting page, and each user get's a 'Race Results' tab on their profile with a of these entries .
  • Classified - This is our classified advertisements section. For sale or wanted. If you post an ad. here, please come back and 'withdraw' it (using the link you will see on the post) when you've sold or found your item.
  • Forum topic - This is the content type most users will be used to from other sites on the internet. It's for general chat, and discussion, asking questions, etc.
    There are several sections (each know as a 'forum' - go figure) within the... erm... forum. Please make sure you use the correct one.
    Please do not post any topics advertising items for sale or trade here, that's what the classifieds are for.
  • Hot Lap - Log your time on one of the hot lap challenges (see below).
  • Image - For posting images into the galleries we have.
    Note that each trail database entry and every ride meeting has a gallery automatically created. In addition there are a number of miscellaneous galleries for things that don't relate to them.
  • Ride meeting - If you know when and where you will be riding use this to create an entry in the ride calendar.
    If you are unsure of the precise place or time you'll meet, discuss it in the forum first - under the region specific to where you are thinking of riding.
  • Trail status update - This updates the traffic lights seen around the site in various places. It's a very useful content type that lets users share trail conditions of areas they may know about.
    Only the latest update on any area is used so there is no need to edit old updates you make. Just make a new on and it will replace older ones.

As you may see, there are also a whole heap more options under the 'Create...' menu when expanded. This expanded section holds other, less frequently used content types that people might want to use, including those relating to the very useful trail database.

Ride/Trail database related

Please see the separate topic: The Trails/Ride Area Database for more details.


Each of these types is discussed more in the following pages...

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