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Patonga Loop

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By Brian - Posted on 10 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

From the comment here (I can't move them)

No GAZZA I didn't get the ferry. We didn't even go down Patanga way. The track we went down was leading to another bay and didn't link to Patonga. One day I will go across on the ferry for a ride even if it is a scumming one Eye-wink

Now that could be a loop. Ride from Bayview, through McCarrs Creek, St Ives to Hornsby, up the old Pacific Highway to the Gosford turn off, down to Patonga or Ettalong, get the ferry and then ride from Palm Beach to Bayview. I think I may need to google a course and check the kilometers Smiling

Here is the link for the loop. It comes in at 121km

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where the ride crosses the hwy up north the bridge has collapsed in floods. it was on the news a year or so ago. some unfortunate people lost their lives in a car whilst on it i think? i don't think its been rebuilt yet. the alternative is to cut down a track by the side of the big bridge before it that crosses the hwy, cross the hwy(a bit dodgy if its busy but i heard it can be done as theres a gap in the barrier. then proceed northbound a couple of hundred metres up to the off ramp to resume the ride on it's proper course.
the second thing i have to pick you up on bri is, how dare you do this ride and miss out bobbin head to go them horrible back roads through wahroonga? sacrilege!

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I don't know what I was thinking (or not thinking at all) leaving out Bobbin Head. I have also added what I think would bypass the unfortunate accident site where the road was washed away in June 2007 taking five lives.

Here is the link for the info of the bypass

Here is the link of the new route.

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Can I come too please? (I still haven't returned my borrowed road bike)


PS: can I bring my freinds Harry and Graham as well?

The Liver is Evil and must be punished Sticking out tongue

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Non scummers like myself have infiltrated this scummer's section and have seen your post Pikey Sticking out tongue

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I think I like to scum, whatever that is?

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Pikey, here you can see who is watching. I think verification of possesion of a scumming bike needs to be in place to join this group. Pikey, your ok because we could all see it in your pic.

PS. Look just above to the right of the brake caliper Smiling
Whats wrong with this picture?

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So how does Saturday 28/02 or Sunday 01/03 sound? I was also can do the weekend 21-22/02 but as this is just a week after the Sydney 24hr it might not be suitable.

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Looks like I'll miss this ride, I can only do the weekend 21-22/02... leaving on a jet plane on the 28th Smiling

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Sounds like a great ride, if there is room for one more....

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Anke, there's always room.

Jay, you may be ok as the 21-22/02 hasn't been ruled out so that weekend might still be on.

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will look out for the date - good for 28 Feb and 1 March.

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I wouldn't mind doing this ride again, its been a couple of years since doing that loop.
Will confirm a little closer & once a date is decided.

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