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Manly Dam Saturday 26th August 8.30am

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By lizzoi - Posted on 25 August 2006

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Christine has posted a ride in the One-off Rides section for tomorrow at Manly Dam... just thought I would put it in here as well in case anyone missed it.

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Well spotted Liz, wrong forum (now moved) for this post:

Manly Dam Anyone?

At least Greg and I will be there in case that was missed too Eye-wink

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where should I have put it? I really should consider changing the colour of my hair!


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see ya 8:30

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Hopefully I'll be there as well. Watch for fat chubby scared guy on a Morewood.

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As opposed to a skinny chubby scared guy? Sticking out tongue

No, I can't come along, I have a traffic control course that day.... But have fun peoples!
I'm looking forward to reading the writeup!

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Top ride today, far less pain than I thought it would be after last night's activities. You know - Da-da...daa..da-da...da...da...daaaaa - Tequila!!

Profile here:

Hope those who didn't make it (you know who you are!) were having as much fun.

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And here (sorry, re-catorgorised a couple):

Very nice they are too!

Did you do anything to the colours or saturation? Love some of the close ups... esp. 'cos you can't tell it's me Eye-wink

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I just came into work and can't believe you two have already put photos and info up!
That was a fun ride thank you very much...I am sure I could still get lost there though despite Robs assurances!


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No change - this is pretty much straight out of the camera with some technical adjustments for lens distortion, sharpening and basic lighting fixes (more to do with camera quirks than anything else).

Edit - actually looking back a couple got an 'I'm feeling lucky' in picasa to smooth it out.

But mostly the colours are good 'cos I am learning to use the flash correctly.

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