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2009 Sydney World Masters Games - October

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By ar_junkie - Posted on 29 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just got an update on the games in October. No MTB but plenty of roadie stuff...

Track: 10-13 October 2009
Criterium: 14 October 2009
Individual time trial: 15 October 2009
Road race: 16-17 October 2009

I thinking about doing the Crit and/or Road race. Anyone else keen?

Check out the website:

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already seen this, this morning. im in for the same as you mate. should be a blast.

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YOu guys should really consider doing the Individual time trial
its sounds bad but because we are MTB'ers its what we actually do
go hard by ourselves usually. I did one at state champs for my first time
and got top 20 out of 100 so yer do it!

{ check out my website @ }

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Roadies don't time trial as well as triathletes and mtber's, that's the one I'd be going for. Without a lot of experience you'll never beat the roadies at the sprint, even if your faster and fitter.

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I had thought of it, but just wasn't sure how much TT experience I would get between now and then...
I'm enjoying the crits (all 2 of them, 3rd one this weekend) and only one proper road race, so I'll see closer to the time.
Plan to do a few more roadie events this year, but agree that if the finish is on a descent to flat, then I'm screwed...

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Time trial training is one of my 'secrets'
doh .... it's out of the bag now Smiling
Anyway, teaching your body to maintain its aerobic maximum for extended periods of time is gold for mtb endurance events.
It helps you to really understand & fine tune all aspects of your riding capacity at the limit.
Get to know your zones, know how to keep just below your anaerobic max, fueling your body, bike position, pedaling technique etc.
You can do it on any bike, cos it's a relative thing.
I incorporate it into my commuting at least once a week.

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