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Road Training for tomorrow (Sat 31/01/09)

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By ar_junkie - Posted on 30 January 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys,

Just wanting to gauge a preference for tomorrow's road ride. This is a training ride so next to no stops and good solid pace.
So far the options are:

  • NSCC club ride - Starts at 6:10 & leaves from Pearce's Corner going through Bobbo, down to Terrey Hills with options to do Akuna and or Mona Vale, finishing in Turramurra. Moderate to fast pace, roughly 65km - 90km depending on whether you turn early or not.
  • NoBMoB Std ride - Starts 7:00 & leaves from Hornsby swimming pool heading out to Calga and back. Moderate to fast pace (depends on how everyone is feeling), roughly 80km.
  • NoBMoB Hills ride - Starts 7:00 & leaves from Hornsby swimming pool heading out to Galston Gorge, Berowra, Mt White, Bobbo & back to Hornsby. Slower average pace with emphasis on pushing hard on the hills, roughly 110km. We can leave out certain hills if time is an issue.


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After I HTFU I'll will be up for something like this Smiling

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- For those that maybe interested in slower ride to Brooklyn and back - meet with the speedsters at start and maybe see them at the finish.


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im going out this afternoon for a ride and dont want to push it too much before the race on sunday.

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was hoping to join you guys on one of these rides, but am a bit time poor now and need to be home around 9-9.30am, so i will do a more local ride instead.


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Toughen up and come out for a ride tomorrow Sundays race is only short

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Hey guys, V and I are keen to ride in the morning. What is the planned route? We will meet you in Hornsby at 7am anyway.

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I was beginning to think it was going to be me and the Steve's (01/02/03)...

See ya at 7am.

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